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    Dream Airbnb Vacay: Write in John Steinbeck’s Writer’s Studio

    In researching a couple stories I’m writing for Brit + Co, I’ve been spending a lot of time perusing Airbnb. Like a lot of time. My wish lists on...

    • January 19, 2015
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    Vinyl for the Winter

    Despite being a clean cut, athletic type, my boyfriend is understanding of my hipster tendencies. He even showed support for my habit when he bought me a new record...

    • December 30, 2014
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    Back in Style for NYE 2015

    Hosting our first Christmas Eve gathering took over my life for the past couple weeks, but now that the holidays are nearly over, I’m back to my obsessive shopping...

    • December 29, 2014
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    One Bridesmaid Dress, Three Ways

    Since my two best friends got married within a few months of each other, I became very familiar with Weddington Way over the last year. I’m also very familiar...

    • November 26, 2014
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    Madewell’s Got Me Seeing Red

    Excuse the cliche, but I’m all about red right now. Or at least for this fall and winter. Ever since I made a visit to Madewell last week in...

    • November 12, 2014
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    The Lazy Girl’s Guide to DIY Kits

    I love the idea of DIY, and I envy the makers out there who make their homes adorable and document their adorable handmade lives. I, however, lack the patience...

    • October 24, 2014
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    Hemingwrite: Hipsters & Techies Unite

    I just discovered this little beauty today, and now I’m counting the days until it reaches production. The Hemingwrite combines the hipster appeal of the typewriter with the tech...

    • October 23, 2014
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    Outdoor Adventurers in the City

    This past weekend, it was finally cool in the city, and this brisk weather makes me want to be outdoors so badly. Unfortunately, being a city dweller, I spent...

    • October 20, 2014
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    Swooning Over Warby Parker’s New Corner Collection

    I’m a sucker for a good pair of glasses, sunnies or not. It might be because I’ve been in need of corrective lenses since I was 8. But when...

    • October 16, 2014
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    Ocean Sounds in the City: Bedside Speaker FTW

    My boyfriend and I moved out of the suburbs this past May. Our first few nights in the new apartment were full of restless sleep. Part of this was...

    • October 10, 2014
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